Member Pipeline - Legislative - Alert (LA 01-02)

To: Members & Affiliates
From: National Office
Date: February 13, 2001
Reference: LA 01-2

The Water Infrastructure Network (WIN) released it's latest report, Water Infrastructure Now: Recommendations for Clean and Safe Water in the 21st Century (WINow) at a February 13 news conference in the U.S. Capitol. The media event featured remarks by WIN members, Senators, and Representatives. William B. Schatz, an AMSA Board member and General Counsel of the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District in Cleveland, Ohio, addressed reporters on behalf of the wastewater community. The enclosed report has been endorsed by twenty-nine nationally recognized organizations.

WIN is calling for a five-year, $57 billion federal investment in drinking water, sewer, and stormwater infrastructure to replace aging pipes, upgrade treatment systems, and continue to protect public health and the environment. The report also urges Congress to create a long-term, sustainable, and reliable source of federal funding for clean and safe water.

The report states that the funding increase is urgently needed to help close a $23 billion per year gap between infrastructure needs and current spending. Recommendations in the report include:

  • Authorizing a variety of financing mechanisms, such as grants, loans, loan subsidies and credit assistance;
  • Focusing on critical "core" water and wastewater infrastructure needs and nonpoint source pollution;
  • Streamlining the federal and state administration of infrastructure funds and adequately financing state programs;
  • Establishing a new program for technology and management innovation to reduce costs, prolong the life of America’s water infrastructure, and improve productivity; and,
  • Providing expanded, targeted technical assistance to communities most in need.

The report has been delivered to every member of Congress, the 50 Governors, President George W. Bush, EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman and others in the Bush cabinet. AMSA urges its members to individually provide a copy of the WINow report to their Congressional delegations and state and local officials. An electronic version of the report is available for downloading on AMSA's web site at Additional copies may also be requested from the National Office. For further information, call Lee Garrigan at (202)833-4655.


  • WIN Report (PDF ~520 KB)
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