Member Pipeline - Legislative - Alert (LA01-6)

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To: Members & Affiliates
From: National Office
Date: August 15, 2001
Reference: LA01-06

Action Please By:

Members of Congress are ready to start writing legislation to address the water infrastructure funding gap. While AMSA staff continue to work closely with allies on Capitol Hill, key Congressmen say that in order to generate the bi-partisan sponsorship necessary to move a bill forward, they must hear from their voters back home. Therefore, AMSA urges all its members to meet with (or telephone) your Congressional delegations, who are home for the August recess until September 4, and inform them of your immediate need for increased federal water infrastructure funding.

Key Congressmen on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee also tell AMSA that local grassroots support often can be generated from news articles and letters in local newspapers. AMSA has responded to this request by preparing a draft Letter to the Editor for you to sign and send to your local newspaper for immediate publication.

The draft Letter to the Editor – attached to the following page – can be signed in conjunction with other interested stakeholders in your community, such as elected officials, drinking water professionals, Chambers of Commerce, environmental groups and others representing the extensive membership in the Water Infrastructure Network. Add your local infrastructure needs data to the draft letter, and sign and send it to your local newspapers.

The grassroots effort of AMSA and its membership is both an indication of our commitment to this issue and critical to its success. Personalize the letter today by downloading it from AMSA’s website at:

Please send a copy of your signed letter to Adam Krantz at or call 202/833-4651 with any questions.

Please help us reach our goal of getting new legislation passed to increase funding for our nation's wastewater and water infrastructure systems. We are at a significant juncture in this effort and need your support. After you meet with your Members of Congress, please contact Lee Garrigan at or phone 202/833-4655 with a brief review of your visit.