Member Pipeline - Regulatory Alerts - 1997 Archive

RA # Date Title
RA97-27 12/19/97 USDA Proposed National Organic Rule Excludes Biosolids for Organic Farming
RA97-26 12/12/97 AMSA Meets With NRC/EPA To Discuss POTW Radioactivity Survey
RA97-25 10/22/97 EPA's Draft Strategy For Strengthening Nps Management
RA97-24 1020/97 New Administration Clean Water Initiative
RA97-23 09/19/97 Endangered Species Act Consultation Process
RA97-22 09/04/97 Call for Wet Weather Pollution Control Project Proposals
RA97-21 08/19/97 National Inventory of Beneficial Use of Biosolids Report
RA97-20 08/15/97 New Policies For Establishing And Implementing TMDLs
RA97-19 08/07/97 EPA Draft Municipal Settlement Policy At Co-Disposal Sites
RA97-18 08/06/97 Wet Clarification Memorandum & Recent AMSA Transmittal
RA97-17 08/06/97 Streamlined Procedures For Modifying Approved POTW Pretreatment Programs - Final Rule
RA97-16 08/01/97 Electronic Data Information For NPDES Permitting
RA97-15 06/23/97 NRC Draft Guidance on Radioactive Materials in Biosolids/Ash at POTWs
RA97-14 06/18/97 Draft Sanitary Sewer Overflow Cost/Benefit Analysis
RA97-13 06/09/97 Draft EPA Pretreatment Program Streamlining Proposal
RA97-12A 06/13/97 Addendum to RA 97-12: Survey of Combustion Devices at POTWS
RA97-12 06/04/97 Survey of Combustion Devices at POTWS
RA97-11 05/14/97 Measuring Progress - Case Studies In The Application Of Performance For POTW Pretreatment Programs"
RA97-10 05/14/97 Improving Toxic Release Inventory Reporting Accuracy - The Public's Right-To-Know
RA97-9 05/01/97 Source Water Protection Guidance
RA97-8 04/15/97 CSO Financial Capability & Schedule Development Guidance - Final
RA97-7 04/15/97 American Heritage Rivers Initiative
RA97-6 03/04/97 EPA's Draft Wet Implementation Strategy
RA97-5 02/25/97 National Water Program Agenda And Draft Proposed Stormwater Phase II Rule
RA97-4 02/14/1997 ANPRM For Water Quality Standards Revision In Jeopardy
RA97-3 02/10/97 1997 Nomination Guidance For The Epa Beneficial Use Of Biosolids Awards Program
RA97-2 01/31/97 EPA National Watershed Assessment Project
RA97-1 01/16/97 Notice of Public Meeting on the National Performance Measure Strategy for Enforcement and Compliance Assurance