Member Update (MU07-01)

Member Pipeline - Member Services & Information - Update (MU07-01)

To: Members & Affiliates
From: National Office
Date: January 5, 2007


Reference: MU 07-01

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Action Requested By:
January 19, 2007

NACWA is pleased to present you with a report on the Association’s December Action Planning Session in Kansas City, Mo. The report is available on NACWA’s website ( and is intended as an internal document for review and comment among Association members only. It summarizes many of the perspectives shared at the Session regarding how NACWA and the water sector can move forward with a Strategic Watershed Agenda. NACWA will continue to focus on its core priority issues from wet weather and funding to security and pretreatment. This report, however, centers on the Association’s advocacy agenda for several key emerging issues confronting the nation’s clean water utilities. The major topics covered at the Planning Session and in the report are: 1) Clean water/drinking water/water reuse, 2) nonpoint sources, 3) urban/suburban storm water, 4) wetlands, 5) green infrastructure, 6) collection systems, and 7) septic systems.

As is evident in the report, several broad themes dominated the discussion, including the need to avoid thinking in traditional drinking water and wastewater “silos.” The idea that the public already understands that “water is water” was a recurring theme as was the importance of having water sector organizations act collaboratively across traditional drinking water, wastewater and storm water jurisdictions. As the Action Planning Session Report notes, NACWA’s members view themselves as environmental leaders, and want to assume that role fully in the future. No longer are they willing to wait for the guidance they seek from Washington. They are empowered and accept the prominent role they can play in shaping federal policy in Washington and in leading by that example at home.

This Member Update requests member review and comment on the report and solicits specific recommendations on activities and initiatives that NACWA should pursue with regard to the identified issues. In developing your comments, please bear in mind that the 110th Congress, which began Jan. 4, brings with it new leadership and new opportunities for the clean water community to advocate for these important issues, as does the fact that this year marks the 35th anniversary of the Clean Water Act.

Member Comments to Be Focus of Strategic Planning Meeting, Subsequent White Paper
NACWA’s Strategic Planning Committee will consider the draft report and any comments received when it meets in early February in conjunction with the Association’s winter conference in St. Petersburg, Fla. After that meeting, NACWA will draft a white paper that will outline the Association’s strategy for moving forward on these issues. This white paper will be completed before NACWA’s winter conference and will be distributed to Association members upon completion.

Please submit any comments on the draft report by Jan. 19, 2007, to Adam Krantz, NACWA managing director of government and public affairs, at or at (202) 833-4651.