Member Pipeline - FaxAlerts - 2000 Archive

Decmber 2000

December 20 National Environmental Achievement Awards Deadline - Friday 12/22!
December 19 Congress Passes, President Signs AMSA-Supported Wet Weather Legislation
December 15 WIN Lays Groundwork for WATER 21
December 8 AMSA Engages on EPA TMDL Listing & Assessment Guidance
December 1 AMSA Members Encouraged to Provide TMDL Cost Information

November 2000

November 17 More Groups Join in TMDL Rule Legal Clash
November 10 NBP Plans for Active 2001
November 7 Letters of Support on Wet Weather Quality Act of 2000
November 3 Congress Delays Remaining Budget Bills Until After Elections

October 2000

October 27 AMSA Distributes Asset Management RFP
October 20 AMSA Legal Affairs Committee Meets with EPA on Major Issues
October 13 Senate Passes EPA Funding Bill — SRF, NBP Funding Intact
October 6 AMSA Meets with EPA, Congress on Blending Policy
October 5 Regional Business Services Workshops Offered

September 2000

September 29 AMSA Issues Addressed in New Wet Weather Bill
September 22 House Environmental Leaders Will Move 'WATER 21' Next Year
September 15 AMSA Grows to Meet 2001's Challenges
September 1 AMSA Reviews Draft TMDL Interim Permitting Guidance

August 2000

August 25 WIN Maps Future Steps to Secure Water Infrastructure Funding
August 18 AMSA Members Meet with EPA HQ on TMDL Permitting Guidance
August 11 AMSA Meets with NIOSH
August 4 AMSA Examines Public Utility E-Commerce Alternatives

July 2000

July 28 NIOSH Recommends Protection for Workers Exposed to Class B Biosolids
July 27 AMSA to Meet with NIOSH Director on Biosolids Report
July 21 AMSA Urges Congress to Remove Rider Barring New TMDL Rule
July 12 Browner Signs New TMDL Rule
July 7 Clinton Administration Accelerates TMDL Rule

June 2000

June 30 TMDL Rider Sneaks Into Supplemental Appropriations Bill
June 23 EPA Releases Draft Final TMDL Rule
June 15 Summer Conference Hotel Deadline Extended
June 9 AMSA Urges Support for Finalizing New TMDL Rule
June 2 AMSA Summer Conference to Provide Critical TMDL Insights

May 2000

May 25 Widespread Opposition Casts Doubt on TMDLs' Future
May 19 EPA Responds to AMSA's Concerns on Nonpoint Policy
May 12 AMSA Reviews Draft CSO Water Quality Guidance
May 5 EPA-USDA TMDL Agreement Poses Policy Challenge for AMSA

April 2000

April 28 Key Democratic Senators Support EPA's TMDL Program
April 21 House Committee Consults Stakeholders on Wet Weather Bill
April 14 Congress Mobilizes to Address Water Infrastructure Gap
April 7 AMSA Wins Pivotal TMDL Decision
April 4 Special Edition — U.S. District Court Says Clean Water Act Includes Authority to Develop TMDLs for Waters Impaired by Nonpoint Sources

March 2000

March 31 House T&I Committee to Take Up Urban Wet Weather Issues
March 29 Special Edition — House Committee Considers Action on Clean Water Act; Your Outreach Critical to Bolster H.R. 3570
March 24 AMSA Testifies at Senate Hearing on TMDLs
March 17 AMSA Urges EPA to Table Premature SSO Enforcement Strategy
March 10 EPA Financial Advisors Take Up Wastewater Funding
March 3 Senate Comes Down Hard on TMDLs

February 2000

February 25 AMSA Thwarts NRDC Attempt to Trash Wet Weather Bill
February 18 AMSA Urges House Support for Nonpoint Source Controls
February 11 House, AMSA Critcize EPA's 2001 Clean Water Funding
February 4 Municipal Wet Weather Legislation Introduced

January 2000

January 7 Tackles TMDLs, Nutrients to Start 2000
January 14 AMSA Reviews EPA CSO, Standards Review Guidance
January 21 AMSA Sparks Interest in House Clean Water Trust Fund Hearing
January 28 AMSA Wins Wet Weather Bill Introduction