Member Pipeline - Regulatory Alerts - 1998 Archive

RA # Date Title
RA98-23 12/4/98 EPA Proposed MACT Standard
RA98-22 11/6/98 Status of SSO Policy Development
RA98-21 11/6/98 EPA Releases Draft Strategy for Persistent, Bioaccumulative, and Toxic Pollutants (PBTs)
RA98-20 10/22/98 Comments on EPA Water Quality Criteria And Standards Plan
RA98-19 08/31/98 Ambient Water Quality Criteria For Ammonia
RA98-18 08/31/98 Draft Water Quality Criteria Methodology
RA98-17 08/07/98 Final Report Of The TMDL Federal Advisory Committee
RA98-16 07/29/98 Request to Sponsor Whole Effluent Toxicity Interlab Studies
RA98-15 07/08/98 Advanced Notice Of Proposed Rulemaking On EPA Water Quality Standards Regulation
RA98-14 07/07/98 Notice Of Conference On Water Quality Standards Program
RA98-13 07/07/98 Strategy For The Development Of Regional Nutrient Criteria
RA98-12 07/07/98 Water Quality Criteria And Standards Plan
RA98-11 06/23/98 Pretreatment Program Reinvention Pilot Projects Under Project XL
RA98-10 06/08/98 Proposed Mercury Method
RA98-9 04/30/98 Concerns With EPA's Final Municipal Settlement Policy
RA98-8 04/24/98 1996 Sewage Sludge Survey of AMSA Member Agencies
RA98-7 03/13/98 EPA Draft Strategy for Regulating Animal Feeding Operations
RA98-6 03/11/98 1998 Nomination Guidance for the EPA Beneficial Use of Biosolids Awards Program
RA98-5 03/11/98 Clean Water Action Plan Time Line of Key Action Items
RA98-4 03/05/98 TMDL FACA Committee Report - Public Review Draft
RA98-3 02/20/98 Clean Water Action Plan
RA98-2 01/14/98 Proposed Stormwater Phase II Rule
RA98-1 01/13/98 Essential Fish Habitat - Interim Final Rule